Like Stem and Rose

The bright red rose

Bloomed and arose

Filled with a child’s innocence

At the very start of its florescence

A rarest of beauty

purest of an entity

waves in the twilight wind

Humming a melancholic sound

No not I, the red rose

Meh, Not even close

I bear it

Tear it

Draw blood

You will dread

I’m sorry, Too fast

I’ll start where I left last

Let me be clear

So you don’t come near

I’m the rough stem

Which holds the rose firm

I stand bearing the mighty thorns

Which are nothing short of the devil’s horns

I prick, poke, nick

Will suck the blood so quick

Once again





You get the idea!

Now do I get a hell yeah?


For dVerse open link night.


Original photo by Chuttersnap.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


29 thoughts on “Like Stem and Rose

  1. This made me think of Milton’s Lucifer. The beautiful rose with the wicked thorns. A fallen angel, ravaged beauty and all that. It worked very well. I especially liked the image of waves in the twilit wind humming a melancholy sound.

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  2. So sorry, unexpected visitors last night have made me rather late in responding to your piece. Love the playfulness in this – great job…

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  3. I like the change from the calm, peacefulness of the rose to the more prickly thorn. I agree, it does have a nice rhythm. Good write! Oh, and now I have the song “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” stuck in my head.

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  4. I enjoyed the musical sound of “prick, poke, nick, suck the blood so quick” I could hear this being spoken aloud and I liked how the rhythm went from calm to urgent as the subject changed from the bloom to the thorns.

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    1. Such a high praise! Thank you so much!! I am glad that you could hear it, I loved writing that line. Writing this poem reassured me why I write poem, because I enjoy it and I’m happy to be among those who appreciate it. Thank you again!


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