N for Null

It’s not a epiphany creating metaphor or a hidden meaning of life or a philosophical thought saying everything is null. It means the matter of this post and the importance you should give it is null.

I can tell you why though. Keep reading if you are interested. 

Anyway, I was supposed to join a job in a bank in few months. I cleared all the exams and interview, the final results were out, just the place and date of posting were to be revealed. I’m pretty excited that I’m finally going to start a career of my own two years after college and helping family and all. But there’s there’s twist there.

I did a stupid mistake in my name while applying for the job, months ago and now they mailed me saying your name is different in application and other documents. Which conveniently for them, can be a ground for the rejection of my candidature thus jeopardizing every future plan I made based on that Job. Anyway it bummed me pretty bad, so I couldn’t think what to write.

Who makes mistake in writing their own name anyway?


2 thoughts on “N for Null

  1. happens to the best of us, and if they do reject you based just on that, this is probably not the place meant for us, the universe works for us to find the right place and path, be patient , I think this was meant to be – love that you share these small things in life that are so meaningful to you and others learn from the experience!

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    1. I keep trying to say to myself that it can happen to anyone, but it’s really hard when it’s a silly mistake, but thank you so much for your kind, it’s a huge comfort, I do hope that I find the place that is best for me. Even though I want to be a writer, I just try to get a normal job to help family. I hope my experience can help somebody. Thank you again.

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