M for Marriage

I think the modern notion of marriage is somewhat funny. A ring exchange or the three knots or in numerous practices all over the world, the marriage happens in front of people starting from immediately family to random strangers who you have said ‘hi’ to once. But what I think is marriage happens entirely elsewhere at a different point in time.

Whatever the laws and customs states, the real marriage happens in our heart. Might sound cheesy and over the head romance. Yes it is but it doesn’t make it any less true.

We might be a secret to our family, a relationship to our friends, a story for my readers, but What we really are is completely different. The night I decided I can never spent a day apart from her, not now or not after a thousand years, the second I started thinking about getting old with her instead of enjoying just our youth, the second I couldn’t imagine my life without her, our marriage happened, in our heart, the common ground we share to share ourselves. Since then we are nothing short of a family.


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here.


Original photo by Luis Tosta.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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