L for Laundry

I don’t like doing Landry. Who likes it anyway? From those little smelly socks to snotty handkerchiefs to that pants full of sand from that day to the beach. Laundry comes in all kinds of shapes and difficulties. We can do it once a day or once a week week even once a month if you are rich or dirty or surprisingly maybe both.

My point is we can ignore it for a day or a week, but sooner or later, We have to to it. Or else We can’t be clean.

Oh no, that’s not the point, that was the metaphor!!

The real point is we all have this residual feelings, pockets of unexplored emotions Which keeps us dirty. Which gives these false emotions.It shapes our character in a way which is truly not us. So what’s the solution, Do your laundry, I mean clear out your emotions, explore it and talk about it and get rid of it. Emotional blockade is the worst, It’ll  hold you back from doing what you love and loving What you have. It can make you rot in the depth of the bottomless pit of unproductivity and hate. You don’t want that I assume, Well then,



Want to know how to do it?, then click

                     Exactly Here!!!!

It’s from a relationship couch and he is very useful, so you can check him out or if you want I can forward that particular mail to you! Have a great day!! 


Part of my A_z-challenge. You can read what I have written so far here.

Original photo by Nik MacMillan.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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