I for Internet

It’s the heaven for lazy people like me. I don’t mean unproductive, just lazy. If I have to write on paper and send them to bunch of newspapers and magazines. It would have taken me another year to start writing. Even then I would have gone through the harsh nature of being rejected by the agencies. The blogging community exists because of Internet, so does a million good things.

I won’t talk about the demerits and pitfalls of Internet. Everything exist in this world has good and bad. It’s our responsibility to be responsible and not get abused by and abuse the Internet.

When something is simple and easy and relatively free, We take it for granted. Like Family, our partner, friends, Internet is one of them. People run amock judging, harassing, trolling, abusing others. A hundreds more participle can be added to the list. It’s mostly like Internet is a forest. There are civilized community of people who uses the resources wisely for the betterment of themself and the others. Then there are animals which who hunt and hurt people who are soft and kind, trying to be king of a virtual jungle.

If you won’t or can’t say something to someone in real life, then save yourself some energy and don’t say it on Internet too. Except when spreading love, because why not?


Original photo by Markus Spiske.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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