H for Hollow

I was just messing with her. But with her life now I think about it. I didn’t know that will happen. When I closed the door, She completely lost her mind. Must be the fear of sleeping alone and cold outside. It all happened in a matter of seconds. She was so quick to cross the road but the car which hit her was quicker. Her body flew for few feet before hitting the hard tar road. I froze in my place while my sister screamed at my side.

Dad and mom came out front. Probably hearing my sister or she called them maybe. Dad was quick in understanding the situation and realizing what he have to do. Mom lead us inside while dad dragged the body of our few months old dog in to out backyard and buried. According to mom, she was whimpering even after the hit. The death of my favorite dog wasn’t the thing which shocked me that day.

What shocked me is how I sat there, no tears, no guilt, no sadness. A random algebric equation from that day’s math class was sounding in my head. Why was it even there? Why didn’t grief fill my heart. Why wasn’t I cowering in guilt? Why my heart was hollow? I could never find out.


  Original photo by Tanner Vines.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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