Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Kelly Trotman

Very moving and insightful! I hope the moon will eat you dark soon. Keep writing!

Brave & Reckless

I take the knife and trace the blade upon my skin, over the scars already left behind from previous carvings.

Is tonight the night or will the moon eat my dark? The night I take one last cleansing breath before I end the pain I am feeling and more than that, the pain I am causing others. The night the demons in my mind have finally won their torturous battle against me. The night I smile one last time and say “I’m fine”. Is this the last night  I have to hide my manic mind because nobody wants to be associated with “crazy”, or will the moon eat my dark?

I’m tired of being a lab rat, and “seeing” how I will react to the next handful of rainbow coulored pills.

I have lost the person I am.

Why can’t you just be happy? they ask.

Why can’t you learn to…

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