Inspiration Post ##

I don’t do inspirational posts(usually). I don’t believe in inspirations. I believe they can fade. I did a separate post when I started this blog.I trust in following my love blindly, whether it is about the girl of my dreams or the writing.

Still from time to time, Even the best of us need something, It’s not that I’m best or anything. A small glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, a breath of air before diving in to the depths of ocean where pressure is immense. I needed one today, because of a particular post.

It wasn’t bad. It’s just was so good. When I read every line of this post, There was a voice inside of my head, keep pounding my brain, even manifesting physically as pain.

‘You will never be this good’

‘Quit writing’

‘You suck’

 The hardest part was knowing that it’s all true. Everything my mind incessantly murmuring was true. I may never be good as that person, I suck at writing compared to so many people here, my vocabulary is thin as a paper(Most of them are surprisingly from movies and series), the same goes for my blog’s follower list, my grammar is (On the risk of sounding obnoxious) Poo Poo ( I gave my word to someone that I won’t swear). Yet I chose to write something today, After all these bad thoughts crushing my will to write. There are few reasons for that. I would get in to them. It’s going to be a little long, So sorry about that. I don’t usually like long posts. People don’t usually like long posts, but you know what, let’s piss off some of my readers today.

  1. Doesn’t matter. No matter how good someone is, It has nothing to do with me. Because it’s his life. If you like someone’s writing, read it or if it makes you wanna write, write. The very second it makes me depressing about my own writing, I dismiss it. Because the only person who I have to be better than is me. If I’m making myself better,  if I’m better than yesterday or the day before yesterday, then nothing else matters. You didn’t live his life or you didn’t born in this world with her mind or you didn’t go through the same poo-poo. But you know who went through all of them, You. So stop comparing.
  2. Even If I stop comparing, There’s something which keeps bothering me. Slowly etching my mind, So I’m never going to be good as him? The truth is we don’t know that, we can never know that. But what I know is there’s definitely a way to do it. Constantly improve yourself, constantly educated yourself, constantly be aware of yourself. if you do that, There’s no saying when, but yes, we can definitely reach our goal no matter what or who it is.
  3. Third is something simple. I love it. When I look at something I write, I smile because I know I enjoy every part of it. If we love something, there’s nothing else matters. You don’t have to be good at it or you don’t have to master it. As long as you love it, do it. End of story.
  4. It’s a quote from a person I admire most. More than anyone I could say. I don’t read history much so it’s not a historical figure or someone like that. It’s from a creator just like any of us. In my eyes, he is a legend. Eiochiro Oda. Creator of an amazing anime called one piece. Without further ado, I’ll finish my post with my favorite quote of all time.

I’ll welcome the death with a smile, if I die trying to reach my goal.


Original photo by Mickey O’neil.

Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash


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