G for Grounded

“You are grounded!”, I have never heard this sentence in my life from my parents. Aside from the fact that they don’t really speak English, I haven’t because that was my default settings. I first went to my midnight movie when I was 22. It took me twenty two years and 2000 kilometers distance to be finally free from the invisible shackles which my parents had on me.

They have never been hard on me, but they did something very smart, knowingly or unknowingly. They built their version of me instead of letting me be free and finding my own self. For them, midnight movie is a crime, only drunks and thugs do it. For them bike riding is a crime, only kids who doesn’t obey their parents do it. For them, love is a Joke and stupidity, only impatient and indecent kids who doesn’t wait for their parents to find a suitable suitor does it.

*sad chuckle*

My first step towards freedom was college, Away from them. The dorm somewhat spoiled me, but it cleared my mind. I realized the unreasonable biases and prejudiced habits they hold. I grew distant from them emotionally, It helped me see their faults clear. Four years were narcissist judgement days. While I always stayed in the right, they always stayed in the wrong.

Second step was my girlfriend. She helped me look inside. Not just the good habits, the faults, the knowledge, the shortcomings. I realized then I freed myself from their shackles but I still keeping myself grounded to a false base. She truly freed me, I for once saw everything as it is. So yeah I never heard those words, but they kept me grounded for 23 years in ignorance and biases and prejudices.


Original photo by Katie chase.
Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash


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