E for Endless

Days are nothing but man made. Twenty four hours is an illusion. Sun and moon are nothing but decorative.I transcend worlds and go out of existense when I sleep. My mind sleeps when I am awake. I run through the day like the machines in the factory. Not knowing purpose. Not having a goal. Not for its own. Only to wear myself out and be replaced. Until then I run. Endless.

Every curse can be broken with the true love’s kiss. You came along. Days became journey. Hours are the countdown to your visit. Sun and moon are there to provide light for my eyes to see you. You brighten the dream in my sleep. You enlighten me with love in the day. You are the break in my endless journey. The pit stop for racers bracing for the next lap. The split second before I burn the next stage.

Life Maybe endless cycle of minutes and hours and days, but you make every second of it delightful.


Original photo by Sharosh Rajasekher.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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