Day – 19 – Our. Perfect. Future.

You hold my hands tight

Lead me to your house

Made of glass

Dusted and broken

Here and there

But you never lost that

Golden glare





My soul

You lead on making yourself

my goal

When the sun comes





Fill our lives with

Rainbows with color more than


When the sky goes dark

You let the breeze in

With the glittering star light

And the radiating moon light

Which Shines brightly

On the infinite faces of your mind

You make our lives a perfect dream

Like all the utopia, you muffle your scream

A desperate cry to let yourself free

Like the rose from the thorns stems from it’s past

Mirrors coated in black

All the unnecessary words

plastered on it

Like the black wall near the oil lamp

On the dark corner to be hidden

From the crowds who don’t care

Even from me, how you dare

Locked inside





And the time

You stole from me

To cry alone

I knock on it hoping to break Rather open

Until my fist paint it red

Bright like the morning sun

It’s hardened like diamond

Under the pressure of your own mind

Illusioned by this damned society

Clarity hits my mind

As the blood splatters on my face

Like the first wind

After the long silent night

I feel refreshed

With my newborn wisdom

You honed me and my blunt words

To shine like a fine gem

But now I know

it’ll be

The diamond knife

Which will tear that wall down

Let the sunlight in

like you did

To my dark mind

Until that day

Listen to me close

Through the thickest skin

As I shout tearing my throat

For my words

I know

Will bring you peace


The glimpse of

Our. Perfect. Future.


Original photo by Samuel Zeller.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash

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