Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Kimberly Block

Very inspiring work! And so relatable, We all want to fly sometime.

Brave & Reckless

Has she ever told you the story about the night she learned to fly?
It was all she could do to keep running, keep her feet moving through the blades of wet grass and thick brush. Her thoughts were scattered as she felt her heart beating up and out of her throat, almost like a plea to keep her pretty little mouth closed. No shoes, no pants, and a ripped shirt frantically making their way through the thick, heavy, and chilly night. “What if he’s onto me? What if my scattered thoughts are leaving scented crumbs of fear behind? Oh God why is this happening? Why can’t I fly?” Then suddenly her feet left the ground, and her arms became wings. Her face felt the rush of the wind and the iciness of its sting. Her cheeks were being brushed with cold patches of clouds as she soared through the…

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