Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Zelda Reville

It was such a delightful experience! Loved the way it was written!

Brave & Reckless


The moon ate the dark
from which birthed the clawing violence
of nine, bloodied pomegranate seeds.
The wine spilled from a cavernous mouth,
but weakness is not always an undoing.

The moon ate the dark
as the centaur staked a heart.
He, half-man and half-beast Pholus
wandered towards the poisoned arrow
from which drew the first of life; then his last breath.


The moon ate the dark
as I pondered upon my natal chart.
Nessus and Mercury dance in alliance to Libra,
while Chiron kneels to the iron-shelled crab.
But to whom do these beasts pledge their powers to?

The moon ate the dark
as she puzzles upon an insolvable clue:
A boy’s birth-sake, a girl’s christening?
“Why did you give me this name, Mother?”
To which was replied: “The answer lies within you.”


The moon ate the dark
as dark waters swirled round his feet.
He; all lilyfingered grace, raises a hand to touch a withered bloom.

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