C for Caring

She was crying. Right beside me on the bed. It wasn’t something new or of significance. She cries for everything. I was laying on the bed staring at the mobile screen. I didn’t do anything to make her cry. It’s more like I didn’t do anything that’s why.

There’s nothing for me to do. I am going to start the job soon. I have a girlfriend. Sister is having her second baby. Honestly, it’s the best time of my life so far. Just except that my mother isn’t happy. I would give anything to stop her cries, but I’m not in a position to give anything except “Don’t cry”.

She has been hurt too much in her life. Unloving husband, menacing debts, cursed siblings. She has lost all the hope. Everyday, she cooks and cries waiting for the day when everything will be alright. I console and wipe away those tears. I preach her the concept of life, the promise of the perfect day and how it’ll never come if she isn’t living today. 

Yet she shuts herself behind the broken door peeping through the cracks. Where my hands and the loving words don’t reach.I don’t care enough to kick that door open. I sit up on the bed, my hands tapping on the mobile screen. I leave for my room leaving her eyes wet. Time is frozen in our house. We wait for the curse to be lifted so we can be free. Naive.

Until then, I’ll hold her tight as the loving son who doesn’t care.


Original photo by Priscilla.

Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash


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