Moon Ate the Dark Challenge:Blake/Dreamstate

An interesting take and concept!

Brave & Reckless

I am really excited and pleased by the amount of submissions I received for the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge.   I intend to post all of the submissions on Brave and Reckless.  Please give a warm welcome to this group of new and experienced writers!

I wake from my slumber, my eyes barely able to take in the environment around me. It’s dark, very dark. My brain begins to panic as it tries to make sense of the ambiguous objects and shapes around me.

How did I end up here?  What is here?… Who is here?

My heart begins to beat faster as if it’s preparing itself to run a marathon. I can feel my muscles twitch and radiate as if in preparation for the fire of a gun, a sound that will signal that I’m not safe where I am.

Yet nothing comes, I can hear something or…

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