Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Andrea LeDew

Refreshing and beatiful!

Brave & Reckless

I am really excited and pleased by the amount of submissions I received for the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge.   I intend to post all of the submissions on Brave and Reckless. Please give a warm welcome to this group of new and experienced writers!

Moon slides up

Along the upturned glass bowl

Of the sky. 

This time,

She is whole.


Orange is the color

of Florida,

The Sunshine State–

Though the state of sunshine

This approaching night

Bears reflection.


Moon, too, is orange,

Large and round at the horizon,

And then lifting away, transformed

Into a cool, buttery miniature of herself.


In our urban world,

Orange is a warning.

Traffic cones and builder’s helmets.

Danger lurks.


Moon is clad

In orange gauze,

Admiring one aspect of herself

In the submissive pond



But over the horizon,

An unheard roar,

A quantity of screaming…

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