Day – 15 – Suffering – Irony

Attachment is suffering!

Attachment is suffering?

I earn for the shackles

Which will set me free

For its can’t be heavier than my heart

I’ll make them my metal wings

I earn for the roots

Which will let me roam the world

For the body feeble as mine

It could be the sturdy limbs I wish

Lock me in a tower

Above the clouds alone

It won’t be my prison

As I’ll love taking a peek beyond this world

Put me in this world

I’ll sing about my life

It’s not cruel but only selfish

So much as same as my scaled heart

Attachment is suffering?

Attach me to this world, I’m glad


Suffering is living! And, 

I came here to do so!!


Original photo by Katie Chase.

Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash


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