A for Arrogance

I stand on the stage and look at all those people who are sitting down there excited, detached, dozed off. I know, I’m better than them, because I’m here and they are there. I’m better because I signed up and wrote stuffs up and climbed all these steps up to be here when all of them did was being led in to this room like a flock of sheeps to hear my speech.

All the students from 5th to 12th grade sitting their place  mouth shut to listen to the words of a fat, short, seventh grader. As I give one final glance across the room, A demeaning sarcastic look, I draw my breath in, along with the confidence sucked out from the minds of my lowly audience. I open my mouth to give them their ‘best thing that happened to me today’.

I speak the words. There wasn’t a sound in the room not even from my mouth. I stand there, A better of them, struck like an rusted old cassette tape. Impatient and indecent of the flock let’s out a lowly giggle, the one which shames me. I stand there, head hung, dumb. I stand there, head hung dumb, As I being pulled across the stage to give way for my lowly competitors.

A better one being laughed and dragged off the spotlight?

For Arrogance did give me the confidence, It did not make me better.

Confidence comes with knowledge, while Arrogance feeds on ignorance.

I stand in the side, as a better one with confidence, not of arrogance, but of the knowledge I received today.


Original photo by Hailey Kean.

Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash


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