Day-14 – Falls to our River

I was this small pond near the mountains. It wasn’t a evergreen forest nor a desert. It was a forest, every day, mediocre kind. Like everything else in my life. I wasn’t the crystal Lake nor a mud pool, I was just a dirty little pond.

I had no source nor a destiny. I had no rules for there’s no game. I live my life like my water. Stale and confused. I spend everyday looking up the mountains, not to climb it, but wondering what could come down from it. Nothing but wind came gushing through. Even that couldn’t make me Spill, because I was never full, not even close.

I could hear the rivers near by free and fast. Like how I want to be. My only hope to be clean and free, was to wait for this hopeless pond to dry, so I can join others underground, where I’ll free to be born again as something new and exciting. Even that a silly dream, for I’m on this rocky floor, salvation through death wasn’t an option.

On a dull spring day, the daily winds taking their chance at me, failing for the hundredth time. You came so silent. You came so fast. A loud thump, a huge splash. I turn around and see everywhere. There was nothing. I hang my head down. You were there right in front of me, deep inside of me.

You came from above. you made me Spill, you pushed the dirt out , you diluted the doubts away. You made me clean. You didn’t stop. You made me walk. You made me run. You made me flow.

Finally I’m free, not a dirty little pond anymore, I’m the clean River across the forest. I don’t know where you are taking me, I don’t why you are taking me. But I want to flow with you, I want to be free with you and I trust you to lead me to my destiny because you are the one who created it. I trust you, because you are the falls to our river.


Two weeks completed on the #The100DayProject. With every new day, I learn new things. Today, I learned, I couldn’t express some of my feelings best In a poem. Because with rhymes comes a price, a compromise. I for one don’t feel like compromising today. Not this feeling.


Original photo by Melissa Askew.

Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash.


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