A New challenge, A New step

I don’t like to Take rest, I would love to take a rest, but I don’t like it. It might seem confusing but it’s simple. I have a fear of Laziness, I have an addiction to Laziness. I have no sense of time, so next time I decide to take a rest could be my next fall in to the pit. The pit of unproductivity.

When I’m there, nothing else matters, I just keep falling. Falling feels good, for sometime, but after a while there’s no excitement or any entertainment. I catch the wall and I climb, until the next fall. That’s how it always has been. But not this time, I have too much to lose if I fall this time. So whenever I get a chance, I speed up, trying to get out of that pit, trying to make up for all those years.

My next step out of the pit, my next speed up is A-Z Challenge.  First I read about it in discover, I loved the idea and the challenge. I’m already working on a poetry project which is going rather very well, you can read the latest one from here. So why not take another one and see how much I can handle. There are some rules but I’m just taking the main idea, one letter a day. I am planning to keep it short though, I don’t want to crowd the blog with long boring articles which no one have time to read. So follow me for some random unimportant alphabetically arranged thoughts!

Wait…that’s not how it supposed to sound.


Original photo by Davide Ragusa.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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