Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge: Jayaprakash/Moon Ate My Darkness

This is my submissions for the challenge. It looks amateurish and shallow, but this is the first piece I wrote which I can dare to call as poetry. I’m quiet proud that I wrote this, because It is filled with my emotions, even something I didn’t understand prior to writing this. I hope you enjoy it!

Brave & Reckless

I am really excited and pleased by the amount of submissions I received for the Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge.   I intend to post all of the submissions on Brave and Reckless.  Please give a warm welcome to this group of new and experienced writers!

It was dark. It was cold.
It was dark and cold as voids of the universe. 
It always has been, isn’t it? 
Maybe there was some light in it. Decades ago. 
All is lost now.
Until that fated day. 

The darkness ate my soul everyday. The cold made me numb Which made me who I am. 
Well, who I was. 
Darkness gave birth to hate. 
Hatred blinds the light that’s my mind shines. 
Hence the cycle begins. 

No light as far as my eyes can reach.
As I stand alone in the darkness.
The never ending darkness…

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