Day – 13 – Jar

I’m this big pickle jar (1)

I never have been ajar (2)

So many have tried Jarring me (3)

They all thinks it’s best for me?

Why do you always Jar (4)

It makes me Jar (5)

I’m always in Jar with myself (6)

If only I could let it go for myself

I’m this big pickle jar

You could never make me Ajar.


Definitions of words as used in the poem:

  1. a wide mouthed container made typically of earthenware or glass

  2. Slightly open

  3. To hit or shake (something) forcefully

  4. to make a harsh or discordant sound

  5. to be out of harmony

  6. a state or manifestation of discord or conflict


Today is not really 13, it’s still 12. I tried something new today, It was accidental but very refreshing. So I wanted to share it today and catch up with the one whole  mouth lagging I have in the project. 


Original photo by Jason Blackeye.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash.


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