Mother’s day memoirs –  How to celebrate mother’s day? 

Step 0: Make a vow in the middle of the night that tomorrow will be different. you will do right by her and make her happy. Make the day memorable for her

Step 1: Get up and follow your Mother-son sense and find her and disturb her with your hugs and kisses.

Step 2: Proudly and loudly proclaim that she is not allowed to do any work and you will take care of everything. She WILL laugh.

Step 3: Proclaim that you are the king and everybody should follow your orders today. She will accept, too tired to fight your nonsense.

Step 4: Request sister’s help and tell her the secret that you wrote a poem for mom and you will give when time is right.

Step 5: Witness that she is not excited about it as much as you are. Push that thought away  and get to work. 

Step 6: Ask mom to get dressed so you could take pictures.

Step 7: Beg mom to get dressed so you could take pictures. 

Step 8: Give up on making her get dressed and instead abuse snapchat filters to put a smile on her face.

   Achievement unlocked: Happy face 

Step 9: Try to cook lunch, only to get in the way of sister. Go sulk in the living room and text your girlfriend everything.

Step 10: Eat the food first like every other day totally forgetting about mom. 

Step 11: Witness sister blabbering to mom about the poem for no reasons and also witness that mom is excited nowhere near your expectations.

Step 12: Read the poem to her and try to translate it the best. Get a courtesy kiss and tear.

Step 13:  Witness mother’s day is over and yet you accomplished nothing. Maybe we do need money for everything.

Step 14: Lose all enthusiasm and forget about dinner and lay on couch contemplating life and family.

Step 15: Decide whether or not to publish this.


Original photo by Jordan Whitt

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash.


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