Happy mother’s Day

I’m glad that I didn’t go to bed early last night. I’m glad that you finished studying earlier than usual. I’m glad that you chose to tell me that you cried hours ago. Alone and for no reason.

Last night was something I can never forget in my life. Not because it was mother’s day, no offense to my mom. Not because I did something nice for you or you did something sweet for me. Last night was so memorable because I realized what I had. 

We talked and talked, sharing our thoughts, fear, regret and secrets. We talked about why your friend from seventh grade stopped talking with you. We talked about how I hide the holes in my t-shirt with a towel. It wasn’t the ‘good talk’ that made the night special. It was something else. 

I wanted to shake your fears off. I wanted to tell you how much I want to take care of you. I wanted to tell you that I knew how much you needed me. I wanted to tell you that I will be here for you. But I didn’t. I’m glad that I didn’t and I’m glad that  I chose to say something else.
I didn’t know what I was going to say or do. I never know, when you need something from me. You just take it out  from me and show me, then you appreciate me for having it in me. You did the same thing last night, you don’t believe that, but you did that.

You showed me that I needed you. You showed me that I needed you more than you need me and you were happy about that I had it in me. You said “You are the best person I could ever have”. But the truth is, you are the only one who can have that best person, because after all you made him.

I wanted to tell you or I think that I wanted.Anyway I’m telling you now, No matter how much I take care of you and how much I love you, I can never compete with the love you have for me, Do you know why ?


You are the mother that I never knew I wanted.

Happy mother’s day, My Love.


Original photo by Jordan Whitt

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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