Is Exaggeration a crime? 

Ever since I started writing down my questions and thoughts, more questions pop into my mind. It goes perfectly with the, ‘the more we use it, the more we can use it’ fact. So today’s question, is exaggeration a crime?

Writing a poetry based on a feeling is amazing. The more deeper it is, The more good the works turn out to be. When I started writing that’s what I did, But I quickly ran dry.

Next time I wrote a poem, it was sad and deep, Maynot be good, but still sad and deep. Then I realized, Those feelings, those words on the screen, it’s not mine. All it was a mild inconvenience. So I exaggerated it, no big deal, everybody does. But I’m not everybody, I value honesty in everything around me.

So is exaggeration a lie? Or maybe worse?

Is Exaggeration in poetry a crime?

I hope I soon find out.

P. S:It’s more of a opinion I guess, so everyone is welcome to give their any thoughts. Have a great day! 


Original photo by James Pond.

Check out his and other amazing works at Unsplash


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