Day -5     I was an Eagle once! – Part-2

I was an eagle once

For hours and days, I fly afar

eye upon the place, I was looking for

The mighty sky, where legends born 

The very ground where I had my wings torn

I crashed into the land below

Became one of the normal fellow

I jump, again and again, from the highest peak

It never helped, my future, so bleak

I was an eagle once

Not anymore

Mama said no word

After all, she lost her proud 

I roam around, wasted

Never to fly again, failure, on my face, pasted

I shed no tears, everything is frozen

Until that day, the wind dusted off my reason

For all these years, I wanted the crown

Yet I was ignorant on where is my Domain, I frown

I was an eagle once

Is that who I am? 


I don’t regret my past. I wonder ‘what if?’ sometimes, but never regret. I made my decisions. It made me who I am. If you don’t like, who you are, then change it. Don’t blame the past. 


Original photo by Amber Wolfe

Check out her and other amazing works at Unsplash.


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