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Silence Will No Longer Ring in My Ears

Christime Ray is an amazing poet. Her poems always have this scalding heat which will burn you if you are in the wrong, Illuminate if you are in the dark. This is one of them. An amazingly well written piece!! Visit her blog for some more mind stunning works.

Brave & Reckless

I will not be silent

I will not maintain the peace

I will say the ugly words

out loud and I will not flinch







Domestic Violence


Discounted simply because we are women

To find our voices as women

to speak our truth

is a revolutionary act

that says that your voice

her voice

their voices

my voice



Have weight

Deserve to be heard

Are valid

If my refusal to be silent

Makes me a bitch

A shrew

A ball-breaker

Then I will be loudest damn badass bitch that I can be

Silence leaves us to blame ourselves in isolation

Silence benefits only those who have hurt us

Silence has been the noose around my neck

The soul ache of my pent-up screams of rage

Every 13th story window I have considered walking out of

How fucked up is that?!

© 2017…

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Moon Ate the Dark Writing Prompt Challenge: Adil Rahim Hyder

A refreshing and interesting take on the prompt! I liked it!!

Brave & Reckless

The moon was very fond of eating the dark. It found a perverse pleasure in devouring large chunks of it whole but there was a case to be made for savouring each bite of blackness. Both ways of eating had their own pros and cons and, as it was, the moon felt slightly torn between the two forms of consumption. If it were to suck in a huge amount of shadows, pulling them forcefully away from the larger body of darkness, and stuff them into its crater of a mouth, there was a sudden burst of inky flavour that, though fleeting, gave the moon a few seconds of sensory overload that was a true delight. It would feel a fresh, cool sensation inside its core that was thoroughly refreshing but, alas, lasted only as long as it took for the shadows to be digested. On the other hand, if a…

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