There is a friend of mine who used to keep infuriate us with this question, ‘what is love?’. He keep asking different people especially the ones who have or had experience with that. Maybe he was looking for answer or maybe he was just asking for fun. I used to mock him of his attempts to find the definition of love, but to be honest I watched his attempts closely hoping he really might uncover the mystery. 

Enough about what happened, what’s going to happen now is my yet an another attempt to define love (as I have done so many times to him and failed). Everyone can agree on one thing I guess, love is simple. Loving someone might not be simple and could be complex as far as the things go, but love itself is very simple. It’s very primal like fear or hunger. It’s very powerful. It’s mostly good, but it is what people make of it. 

How can we not understand that’s something simple and basic? Because some things are not meant to be understood but to be felt. If we aren’t feeling our own hunger, there’s no way we could understand what a starving person goes through. We could never explain what is to or how it is to feel heat,but to feel on our own. What makes love precious than those things is you can’t make yourself fall in love (Though you can manipulate your environment and behaviors to increase the probability) like you seek the heat. It has to happen on its own, but when it happens it’ll be worth the wait.

One of the things love brings with it is change.When it happens, it’ll shake your world. our actions would defy logic, priorities and sense. When it happens, you will stop thinking ‘I’  and start thinking ‘us’. As for the most selfish person in this whole world, I can assure you it’ll happen to everyone regardless of how they were before. Not just that,  it brings what’s inside of us, the things which we have locked deep down inside our hearts and hoped to never look at it again. You have to and love will make you look at it, so you can deal with it not just hide from it. It would be brutal and seems unnecessary, but it’s important. If you don’t trust me, you can belive this guy and his huge experience(He is good)

Yes, love sometimes can be confused with lot of other things, but nothing won’t stand the time like love do, so when in doubt all you have to do is trust and wait. Sometimes love can be clouded with thoughts and dulled by the environment. Trust me it’s the worst, when you can’t feel what’s inside of you. Ironically that’s the time we most need love, believing in it, believing in our loved ones, most importantly believing in yourself. 

Love connects people and make them one, but also love can enhances your personality and Individuality if you can tap in to it. It’s the best cure for almost everything that’s mentally crippling you. Like I said, all you have to do is believe. Falling in love, with a person or an activity or a thing is amazing. Just 

Don’t resist the fall. Because it’s actually elevating you. 


I have yet another time failed to define love,but hey it doesn’t mean I’ll stop.


Photo courtesy: Jamie Street

Check his  and some other amazing works at Unsplash.


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