Almost everything works in a cycle fashion.Bad things definitely work like that. Whether is it poverty or crime or my mortal enemy laziness. Being poor keeps you poor. A single crime makes it your profession. There’s no way to stop it, Unless we break the wheel like daenerys say. (Of course I watch Game of thrones, I don’t live under ‘Dwayne Johnson’) 

So how to break it? Well, I have been preparing myself my whole life for this. 

When I’m lazy, I say to myself “it’s not possible to waste a full day on Facebook, I’ll eventually do something”. At the end of the day, I would still be watching a video of a recipe on Facebook which involves the ingredients I have never even heard of. Well it wouldn’t be such a waste, if I eventually try cooking one of them. Then again, I’m too lazy to try them. So how to get rid of this time and life (and data) consuming laziness, you start doing and  stop relaxing. There’s no shortcut or no secret formula.

Excpet one little trick.Talk to the little guy up there. Trick your mind to belive that doing something you like is more relaxing than laying on the couch doing nothing. The secret is it’s true, but laziness never let us realize it.

Recently I read something about motivation in this epiphany creating post. It knocked some sense right in to me. Why do we think “it’ll be easier when I’m  motivated”. Of course it’ll be just as hard. That’s why I never relies on the motivation.

Motivation or inspiration like other feelings can be dulled and clouded with reality and facts of your failure. Just rely on your mind. Realize how important it is and realize how much you need and most of all realize it’s going to be hard. Realize it’s going to be hard as hell and you will want to give up and hell you might give even up. Realize it’s okay as long as you start again and just go one step further. One step further than your last failure, one step further than your last break down. One more step closer to your goal. 

Realize, pain itself is not beauty, you can’t suddenly start to enjoy the headaches and fatigue and cramps, but enduring them can make you beautiful, smart, successful, rich, lovable. Well I’m too lazy to write more, so let me tell you one last thing. 

One step at a time. One more step this time. 


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