I don’t know how the Webster dictionary defines ‘destiny’, but I have my very own definition for it. It’s past. Our past, our family’s past, our surrounding’s past. What have happened and what you have done already is what your destiny is.

Destiny is not who we are,but the things that makes us who we are. you can’t change it, but you can fight it to get what you want in life.  It’s not the destiny of a doctor’s son to be the doctor, it’s just his father’s past that you can either accept or fight to make your own future.

According to my father, my destiny is to became a great man that he can be proud of. According to my mother, my destiny is to be the  savior of my family.I personally consider myself a man without a destiny. 

When you aren’t influenced by anything else except you own mind, you can choose what you want based on what you want,  not based what the world wants you to want. (too many ‘wants’ ,for a second I thought I’m in hogwarts😂. Get it? ‘wands’😂. I’m hilarious. ) 

To sum it up, destiny and past are like a  book. 

It’s there for you to learn, not for falling in to it. 


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